+ SD-wan

Upgrade and adapt your network to acommodate mobile workspaces, cloud-based applications and cloud services in the most efficient and secure way possible.

Upgrade Security

+ State of the art firewall shields you from any malicious intent.
+ Firewall protected access to web, email and applications.

Improve Efficiency

+ Custom access for multiple users.
+ Publish websites and applications with zero-touch deployment.

Simplify Management

+ Management portal centralises applications, assignements and policy configurations.

Increase Performance

+ Make the most of your existing networks, maximise your bandwidth use based on your detailed tailored policies.
+ Prioritize application access to the network based on real-time conditions and metrics – loss, latency, jitter.

Clear Visibility

+ Integrated network and application reporting dashboard.
+ Availability, agregated link speed. throughput real-time analysis.
+ Create custom reports.

Absolute Control

+ Cloud based interface enforcement of policies and centralised configurations.
+ Improved network and security management over multiple sites.

technical overview


+ Create a software defined overlay through virtual logical paths created from diverse links.

+ Every packet in every path in both directions is measured for latency, loss and congestion.

+ Identify each application and direct it to the best path with priority given to critical applications.

+ Multiple rated links can be supported, with business logic applied to when each type of link is used and in which order.

+ Choose Standby WAN links and determine when Standby WAN links become active based on Business rules: state of active links, capacity thresholds, prioritization of standby links.


+ Ease of Management of L3 network at scale: changes in the routing environment information captured in real-time.

+ Branch: simplified integration with branch LAN environment.

+ Data Centre: allows for larger clustered deployments to support DC scale.




+ DHCP Support: Ccient, server and relay.

+ Routing: eBGP, iBGP, OSPF.

+ Third Party IPSec Interoperability.

+ GRE Tunnels (WAN & LAN): third party service chaining.

+ Routing Domains: micro-segmentation.




+ Traffic Engineering: End to End traffic engineering with routed environments, Route Summarization, Increased Route Tables.

+ Multicast: Static Multicast Trees, IGMP Proxy, Full PIM implementation by Q2’18.

+ VRRP: Branch redundancy with traditional routers, Leverage existing investment with path to full replacement.


Integrated Stateful Firewall


+ Comprehensive Firewall security: IP to Application layer; Secure hosts, ports and infrastructure; Support for Dynamic and Static NAT; Enable firewall rules even for encrypted traffic with Application intelligence.

+ ICSA certified.

+ Define zones to enforce different policies for different users.

+ Single Point of Management across Network: Provision, troubleshoot and analyze Routing and Security.



+ Wanop Edition: best for locations with only one link, helps overcome impact of loss and latency, reduces congestion.



+ Premium Edition: best for locations with multiple links, optimization is applied to the virtual path, reduces congestion and improves TCP protocol.


Compression and Deduplication


Reduce the amount of data on the WAN – Multiple compression engines optimize app traffic at full WAN speeds for both compressible and noncompressible data.


De-duplication removes redundant data:

+ Proprietary cross-stream pattern matching with byte caching, even for non-compressible data such as images.

+ Removes redundant data even across different sessions, files and applications.

+ Larger data streams, greater than 1M, are stored on disk.

+ Smaller data streams that are seen frequently are stored in memory for low-latency access.


Compression decreases the size of the data:

+ Single-ended, object-level compression.

+ Compression history shared across connections.

+ Zlib – Complex algorithm similar to WinZip that provides a 2 to 5x reduction (RFC1950).

+ LZS – Used during high CPU/high memory conditions to provide up to 2x reduction (RFC2395).


Advanced TCP Flow Control




Improve performance of TCP protocol:

+ Prevent the automatic protocol adaptation to loss.


Use the full link:

+ Fill the link to that sending rate almost equals link speed.


Citrix SD-WAN Employs:

+ Window scaling of up to 16Kx of standard TCP.

+ SACK to minimize data that is resent.

+ Fast re-transmits to reduce delay before resend.

+ BIC TCP for faster recovery from packet loss.


Protocol Acceleration


Speed up application experience by removing protocol inefficiencies

+ Several application protocols were designed for LAN environments and do not work well over the WAN, like MAPI, CIFS, NFS and FTP.

+ PConnect SD-WAN is application aware and can accelerate these applications: collects packets and reconstructs payload, local device identifies application/client request and mimics server response, remote device communicates with server and mimics client response.

+SCPS protocol acceleration capabilities for satellite communications.


Accelerate Microsoft Office 365 with PConnect SD-WAN


Ensure great user experience with end-to-end security:

+ Alleviate latency.

+ Accelerate access.

+ Reduce bandwidth needs.

+ Flexible deployment options.

SD-WAN Orchestrator for Cloud-based Management X SD-WAN Centre for On-premises Management


Citrix SD-WAN Centre for On-Premises Management:

+ Single pane of glass for branch, datacenter and cloud.

+ Policies are defined centrally and pushed across.

+ Firewall, Virtual WAN, Routing and WAN Optimization all configured from same user interface.

+ No branch or device config or login required.


SD-WAN Center for Centralized Management and Control:

+ Define users, permissions, and authentication method.

+ Simple network map with health indications.

+ Define event severity and alerting methods.

+ See and filter event history.

+ Monitor WAN link performance against carrier SLAs.


SD-WAN Orchestrator


Cloud based multi-tenant management and control service:

+ PConnect Cloud Service.

+ Simplified Operations.

+ Hierarchical Administration.

+ Easy to deploy.

+ Intuitive Dashboards & Reports.


Simplified Deployment with Zero-Touch Deployment Service


+ Supported with SD-WAN Centre or SD-WAN Orchestrator deployments.

+ Automated appliance provisioning.

+ Authentication to join Network.

+ Status updates of the deployment process.

+ On-premises appliance support: 210, 210-LTE, 410, 1000, 2000, 2100 platforms.

+ Cloud-based deployments: Amazon and Azure.