PConnect provides an RFC standards-based SIP trunking service for customers looking to connect their existing PBX to a carrier – carrier-grade cloud telephony platform powered by BroadWorks.

What is SIP?

SIP trunk uses the Session Initiation Protocol, which is an industry standard protocol, for interconnecting modern business premises phone systems to the public switched telephone network or between different locations, allowing an end user to receive calls over IP networks such as their internet service. SIP trunk allows as many simultaneous calls as a number of channels provisioned.

Simple and quick provisioning and administration through SASBOSS™.

Control and set limits for quotes for international calls.

Utilise your investment – keep your current phone system.

Continuity – keep your current phone number.

Enterprise trunking and hybrid cloud: cloud migration at their own pace.

High Availability PBX Support

PConnect’s Cloud SIP will allow customers to register multiple PBXs per trunk. This supports customers that have a pair of PBXs configured for High Availability in that the PConnect network knows it can reach both devices at any time to send calls 24 hours a day.

Route Exhaustion

At the end of the day, if your PBX or pair of PBX’s are down, or unable to connect to any part of the PConnect network, you can easily select an external location for calls to be delivered to. Additionally, for customers with hybrid cloud, calls can be directed to users on PConnect’s UCaaS service.

Enterprise Trunking and
Hybrid Cloud

PConnect delivers its Cloud SIP service using what is known as enterprise trunking. This advanced configuration allows customers to add additional functionality to the PBX from the cloud. It also allows customers to combine cloud hosted PBX and UC with their existing PBX. For example: while the head office still has a PBX, remote offices can access the same number range and in most cases, they can even dial internal extensions. This ability to run hybrid premise and cloud telephony allows customers to move to the cloud at their own pace.

Pricing and Cost Management

Pay as you go

PConnect’s Cloud SIP option of ‘Pay as You Go’ is billed individually for each user. No flag fall, calls are charged per second. Inbound calls are charged per minute. Calls to internal services do not incur additional charges.

Fixed Monthly cost

If you need peace of mind and an option to set fixed costs each month. Customers are able to bundle all calls to national fixed line numbers, or national fixed line and mobile numbers. Both call pack bundles include New Zealand numbers.